Day w/ the Family

I can't remember when was the last time I spend time with just my family alone. For almost 2 years there is always something going on. Our weekend always booked. Working Monday through Friday sometimes working overtime, coming in early and living late. My husband keep complaining but as he always said whatever make me happy he will do it.

Today 3 day weekend because tomorrow is 4th of July. I did not do any commitment to any parties but to spend time with just my family. We went to Colt State park. An open field near the ocean. A lot of people go there. Places where do people go fishing, have their parties ore even a wedding. Very nice place.

We went to the park brought some foods with us. Let the girls fly their kites. Went to the dock see people fishing, see if they have any luck. Walk along the sea shore. Wow it was amazing spending a day without rushing ourselves. I love it.

This makes me realize even how much time i spent with my family I still need to spend more time with just them. Don't get me wrong i love my friends but my family will come first.

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